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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know what brand of vertical blind I will receive?  

We will ship the vertical blind from the manufacturer who has the best production times at the time we receive your order.  We guarantee that your vertical blind will only be from Levolor, Hunter Douglas, or Springs Window Fashion.  We also guarantee your vertical blinds will be commercial grade, meaning metal (not plastic) head rails and self-lubricating moving parts.

What is your return policy?


Any blind that is not manufactured to the measurements submitted can be returned (at our cost) for a replacement blind.  Also, any blind that arrives damaged will be replaced at no cost to you.  Unfortunately, we are unable to offer refunds for other reasons (e.g., you don't like your color selection), as all of our vertical blinds are custom made.

Is there a product warranty?

Yes, your vertical blind comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty.  The manufacturer will repair or replace for the life of the blind, at its option, without charge, any part found defective in workmanship or material as long as the blind remains in the same window/door for which it was purchased. 

Can the direction the tilt chain faces be changed on my vertical blind?

No, the tilt chain will only face one way. If the headrail is attached the wrong way, the tilt chain will face away from the room. To change headrail and tilt chain direction, first remove all vanes. Next, remove headrail and turn so controls are on the opposite side. Finish by reattaching vanes.

Can I get my vertical blind restrung?

We do not restring vertical headrails. If under warranty, a replacement headrail can be provided. Please contact customer service for further assistance.

Can I mount my vertical blind using side mounting brackets?

No. Vertical blinds can be mounted with either an inside or an outside mount.

If a vane is out of alignment how do you adjust?

Begin by positioning the mis-aligned vane(s) in the fully open position. Next, remove the misaligned vane from its clip, by gently pressing upwards and outwards until the vane releases from the clip. With a pair of pliers, grab the clip that previously held the vane and push it gently upwards until it snaps back into the headrail. Spin the wand until all vanes are in the fully opened position. Once that has occurred, grab your pliers and gently pull down on the clip so that the missing vane can be reattached to its clip.

What’s the best way to clean my vertical blinds?

  1.  Remove blinds from the headrail. Remove the shade from the headrail. 

  2.  Wash with warm soap and water (no hotter than 30 degrees).

  3.  Scrub away stains with a sponge. 

  4.  Lay screens flat to dry. 

  5.  When dry, rehang on headrail.

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